Old Testament Women: A Lot of Ladies

September 7, 2017

Recapping our series on the Women of the Old Testament and leaving some breathing room for God's voice to speak to us.  


Women of the Old Testament: Esther

August 29, 2017

Leo and Mary Arancibia are this weeks teachers as they lead us through the book of Esther.


Women of the Old Testament: Ruth - Where are You From?

August 16, 2017

The narrative of Ruth revolves around where she was born and the tribe she was affiliated with.  Her loyalty to Naomi and subsequent marriage to Boaz bring together one of the most beautiful books of the New Testament and depict God extending his hand and reconciling tribes that have been splintered. 

Teacher: Maria Stone and Eric Williams

Text: Ruth


Women of the Old Testament: Hannah - Let’s Make a Deal

July 17, 2017

Hannah's story is a transistional piece linking the Judges-era to the Kings-era.  She has a son named Samuel who becomes a prophet and priest, annointed by YHWH to lead in this time period.  However, the narrative surrounding her son is where we encounter her vow or deal with God.  Should we make deals with God?  I.E. - God if you do this, then I promise I will do that.  This week we examine her 'vow' with the Lord and if it is appropriat to do the same in our time.  


Text: 1 Samuel 1

Teachers: Kailani Davies and Eric Williams


Women of the Old Testament: Rahab’s Three Names

July 10, 2017

Rahab cant seem to shed the label "prostitute" or "harlot" throughout her mentions in the scriptures.  

How do her three names help us understand who we are in Christ. 

In addition, our guest speaker Lauren Flanagan discusses what modern day trafficking/prostitution looks like in Orange County.  Lauren works with Redeeming Love which is a nonprofit organizaion that works with liberating women from prostitution and the sex industry. redeemingloveca.org


Text: Joshua 2

Teachers: Detra Gunn, Lauren Flanagan and Eric Williams


Women of the Old Testament: Miriam’s Restoration

July 10, 2017

Miriam, Moses' sister has a remarkable collection of stories about her in the book of Exodus and Numbers.  While not all good, her reconcilation back into the camp of the Israelites depicts how much she meant to the people and to her brother Moses.


Text: Exodus 2, 15 and Numbers 12

Teacher: Eric Williams and JoLynn Glisson


Women of the Old Testament: Leah - Who God Sees

July 10, 2017


Leah and Rachel share an interesting connection as sisters as they fight for the heart of their husband Jacob.  But when Leah discovers that YHWH sees her, it changes everything.  Learning that YHWH sees us and loves us, is what the Good News is all about.  

Text: Genesis 29


Old Testament Women: Rebekah

June 13, 2017

Old Testament Women: Rebekah - Love and Lies

We continue our series in the Old Testament by looking at the story of Rebekah alongside Isaac, Esau and Jacob.  The narrative is a beautiful love story, birth story and fraud story leaving us scratching our heads at the final deception of Rebekah.  How is the new covenant, how is grace displayed in this account of these OT characters

Text: Genesis 24, 25, 27


Old Testament Women: Sarah

June 6, 2017

Old Testament Women: Sarah

This week we kick off our new series on OT Women by beginning looking at the life of Sarah.  God Promises her a child... for 20 years!  How do we wait on God's promises and remain hopeful.

Teachers: Molly Shaeffer and Eric Williams


Love Is: Always Perseveres

May 15, 2017

Love Perseveres.

Text: 1 Corinthians 13

Teacher: Elliot Stone